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    Unique Old Goods!

    The collection mainly consists of unique vintage, industrial and antiques.
    To hunt these items we drive lots of kilometers and discover many unique places.
    We drive through Belgium, France, England, Germany or eastern Europe looking for the best decorative items, Furniture and lighting.

    Raymond van Bijsterveld is the brain, the founder and the proud big boss of Old Goods!
    Started Old Goods end 2014 at the age of 25.
    Self claimed Expert of Vincent van Gogh shop signs and world famous from Radio en television.

    He compiles the collection by visiting other Dealers, Antique fairs, markets, auction houses or private people.
    Almost every day we have a fresh supply of new stock. Each item is carefully treated, cleaned and restored where necessary in our own workshop.

    All new items will photographed in our own foto studio whereafter they are placed online.

    Privates, retailers, catering industry but also the reseller is welcome to visit our showroom!

    We offer a worldwide shipping service at competitive prices.
    In the last 9 years we managed to sell our items all over the world.
    Single items but also full containers to Europe, Australia, USA or Asia.
    There is no such thing as “too much to ask for”.

    We are open by appointment, feel free to visit our showroom or shop online!

    Our great team!