Old Goods is a Dutch company, run by Raymond van Bijsterveld Jr.
Based inside d’Olde Poort cash & carry trade centre in Ulft, near to the formal biggest antique street of Europe. Old Goods is one of the Dutch wholesale companies for Vintage, Industrial, Antique & Brocant. With an eye for detail, we are continuously on the hunt for interesting  items, sourced from all around Europe. Our collection varies from enamel factory lights & Workbenches to glass globes & big chests of drawers, Items of unknown origin but beautifully made or Design classics from the twentieth century. In our atelier we restore or modify items when necessary, but also work with old materials to create our own unique designs. Our clients come from all around the world. Worldwide shipping as in small packages, pallets or containers is all possible. For more information, please contact us. We are opened 7 days a week, be welcome and visit our showroom.


Old Goods is one of the vintage wholesale dealers of Holland.
But what is Vintage? It is interpreted differently by anyone, Vintage, Retro or Mid-century. Vintage on its purest tells that an item has a history and a certain grade of class. Old Goods vintage items are unique and desirable for varied interiors. Some of the vintage items, made In the twentieth century, are now Design classics and fit perfect in modern design homes. Take a vintage Charles eames lounge chair or Holophane street lights from Paris adjusted as pendant lights, to make your interior unique. To gain a better idea of what vintage items we offer. Take a look in our products above and feel welcome to visit our showroom.



Industrial interior is a raw style. Items used in Workshops, Ateliers and Factories. Most items are made from tough materials as steel, wood and Enamel around 1900 – 1950. In this period there where a few factories who made items which are now highly desirable brands. Brand items as Strafor cabinets, Jielde lights, Tolix chairs, Evertaut stools, Roneo cabinets or Rowac stools. Hard to find and rare to have. An old workbench can be used as an unique sidetable, enamel factory lights as pendant lights in your dining room. Industrial items can make your interior unique. Old Goods is one of the Industrial wholesale dealers in Holland. We have a nice mix of industrial Furniture, Lighting and Decoration. Take a look in our products above and feel welcome to visit our showroom.


Antiques or Decorative Antiques as we call it. The style of Antique we trade is upcoming and not comparable with Antique traded 20 years ago. Our Decorative Antiques are mostly made around end 19th century. Items such as stripped napoleon III armchairs, Gildwood Mirrors or metal garden furniture by Arras. These antique item can make your interior unique, luxurious and cosy. They oft have a worn look, with multiple layers of paint and a great patina. Take a look in our products above and feel welcome to visit our showroom.




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